Robotics for microbiological laboratories

With over 30 years of experience in laboratory automation, we serve customers in a various industries: clinical labs, life sciences, food testing laboratories, environmental laboratories.

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Microbiology Laboratory Automation

We provide fully automated systems for quantitative microbiology and indicator testing using pour plate, Petrifilm, or spiral plating systems.

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Find the right system for your process

Robotics Lab’s calculation tool helps you choose between our InoBot and MicroBot solutions based on your sample quantities.

InoBot Series

The Inobot Series includes a wide range of automated systems specially designed for processing 3M Petrifilmâ„¢ plates.

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MicroBot Series

The Microbot Series includes a range of automated systems specially designed for the processing of Petri dishes.

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Maximum efficiency and unmatched accuracy

Robotics Labs is a leading innovator in the realization of laboratory automation.
Robotics Labs delivers these automated systems with training, support and service on-site.

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