Hands on and practical

Our approach can be defined as hands on and practical. The start-up phase of a project comprises the detailing of a plan of approach, during a spin off meeting together with our customers. Based on the requirements of our customers, a project team is formed, including all disciplines to ensure the optimal project result. This team includes a Sales Engineer to translate the requirements into a technical and financial proposal, supported by a Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineer for the technical solution. The Project Manager is included from the start. He serves as the single point of contact during the realization of the entire project.

After we have agreed on a plan of approach and all matching requirements, we start with the realization. The Project Manager keeps customers informed about the progress and is your first point of contact in case of questions.

After development we start the testing phase. During this phase we ensure that we can guarantee reliability and 24/7 uptime of the developed solution, before starting the installation phase. Once the testing phase has been completed, we start with the installation and testing on-site.

During the complete life cycle of the system, Robotics Labs can provide service on site. Our Service Engineers ensure that Robotics Lab’s automated solution is up to date, fully functioning and can arrange additional training on-site, if so required.

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