InoBot Series

The InoBot Series includes a wide range of automated systems specially designed for processing 3M Petrifilm™ plates. The benefits of the systems are a reduction of the handling process, the reduction of the margin of error and the reduction of waste.

InoBot S

The InoBot S is our smallest and most versatile model of the InoBot ‘Family’, specially designed to process 3M Petrifilm™ plates. The InoBot S is a compact system which can be placed in almost every location. With a capacity up till 80,000 films a year, this little system is an all-round and compact solution for your lab.

InoBot M

The InoBot M is a stand-alone and flexible model which is part of the InoBot ‘Family’, specially designed to process 3M Petrifilms™ plates. The InoBot M can process up till 200,000 tests a year and can be upgraded into an InoBot XL solution in case your processing requirements increase. The InoBot M can also be incorporated into our modular Combined Solutions.

InoBot XL

The InoBot XL is our stand-alone high-speed model. With two arms the InoBot XL has the capacity to process up to 400,000 3M Petrifilm™ plates a year. The InoBot XL can also be incorporated into a modular Combined Solutions.


The TAPR is a fully automated 3M Petrifilm™ plate reader. This compact system can be placed in almost every situation. The TAPR improves reading accuracy and reliability. Every Lab should have a ‘smart’ reader like the TAPR!

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