MicroBot Series

The MicroBot Series includes a range of automated systems specially designed for the processing of Petri dishes. The systems within the MicroBot  range reduce the handling process and margin of error.

MicroBot M

The MicroBot M is a stand-alone and flexible model which is part of the MicroBot ‘Family’, specially designed to process Petri dishes. The MicroBot M can process up till 200,000 test dishes a year and can be upgraded into an MicroBot XL solution in case your processing requirements increase. This MicroBot M can also be incorporated into our modular Combined Solutions.

MicroBot XL

The MicroBot XL is our stand-alone high-speed model. With two arms the MicroBot XL has the capacity to process up to 400,000 Petri dishes a year. The MicroBot XL can also be incorporated into a modular Combined Solutions.

Spread Bot

The SpreadBot system is designed to use in combination with the MicroBot M or MicroBot XL. Petri dishes processed by the MicroBot will be poured with media and the sample on the prepoured Petri dishes will be spread.

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