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The mechanical design engineer is together with colleagues responsible for setting up and developing projects. You are part of a team in which you meet performance specifications, time considerations, cost and quality aspects of a project. The company has outsourced much before, but… Read more

As software engineer you are responsible for the development of the control software for our Lab Automation solutions for Microbiology Labs worldwide. Together with other colleagues you are responsible for setting up and realizing projects… Read more

Working at Robotics Labs

Robotics Labs is a pioneer and specialist in development, design, production and after sales of Labautomation solutions for microbiology laboratories. Our engineering and production facility is located in Dongen between Breda and Tilburg. With a motivated team of more than 10 employees, we manufacture our products and customize our solutions for clients all over the world. Our customers are especially active within the markets of Dairy, Food, Agriculture, Water and Contract Laboratories and are often recognized as most innovative players in their industry. Our Labautomation solutions and services are often critical for our customers in getting and maintaining their competitive position.

We are an independent and flexible company and have set ourselves strong growth targets in both serving new markets and developing new solutions. Robotics Labs has a flat organization structure and expects from her employees a proactive attitude and a great sense of responsibility. Craftsmanship, quality and dedicated commitment to our customers features the power of Robotics Labs. To achieve this, not only technical know-how and experience are important, but also accuracy and above all an open eye and ear for (potential) clients. Cooperation is a key word. In our culture there is no room for politics and closed doors. At Robotics Labs we do it together as a team and everyone ‘ rolls up his sleeves “. The success of our enterprise is based on entrepreneurship and a no-nonsense mentality of getting things done in a professional environment. Robotics Labs is known as a responsible and social employer where a good atmosphere and hospitality clearly are present.

In this setting people are working goal-oriented and decisive to achieve and improve the results. Our largely informal organization celebrates an “open door policy”, but we are also firmly in the achievement of our formulated objectives.

In order to realize our growth ambitions, we have several job openings available.

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