calculation form

Robotics Labs, the leading innovator in the design and construction of fully automated (modular) solutions for microbiology laboratory has launched its new website today; The new website includes a calculation tool to define the optimal solution Robotics Labs has to offer, based on the yearly quantity of samples.

The new website of Robotics Labs includes the features and benefits and a calculation tool for the Inobot Series (specifically designed for processing 3M Petrifilm™ plates), Microbot Series (for processing Petri dishes) and the Combines Series (for processing 3M Petrifilm™ plates and Petri dishes to realize 100% automation).

Alex Woppenkamp, CEO/Founder Robotics Labs; “The versatile range of systems allows us to offer solutions which are tailored to the approach and requirements of our customers, avoiding unnecessary adjustments in their specific laboratory processes. The fully automated modules of Robotics Labs eliminate the need for manual operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and unmatched accuracy and consistency of test and results. Our modular approach allows for extension of capabilities, once the requirements change towards the future. The new website reflects our broad range of solutions and supports our customers in optimally designing their laboratory and process flow.”

The new website of Robotics Labs, with interactive features, is a result of the renewed strategy of Robotics Labs which is focused on continuous improvement and innovation of existing and new solutions.